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Stephen King isn’t afraid to speak his mind. The horror meister did that and then some during an appearance in Stratham on Saturday night, offering his thoughts on everyone from Chris Christie to the Weinstein brothers to James Patterson.

King was in town for a talk at the Cooperative Middle School as part of a series organized by Algonquin Books where one author interviews another. King interviewed New Jersey author Lauren Grodstein about her latest book, “A Friend of the Family.” The discussion was hosted by Exeter’s Water Street Bookstore.

Though most of the night focused on Grodstein, many of the 150 people in the audience were there to see King. And he didn’t disappoint, answering a few questions about his own work, cracking jokes, and even offering a few of his opinions on pop culture and current events.

In between talking about Grodstein’s book, King got in a few quick jabs at Christie’s girth, Patterson’s writing ability, and the Weinstein brothers’ filmmaking prowess, although he later said he was joking about that last dig.

“I’ll be driving home in tinted windows tonight,” Grodstein joked after King’s Patterson crack.

King also answered a question from a fan who wanted to know how difficult it was for the author to see his books made into movies.

“I don’t care,” King said, noting that you have to “give yourself over to the process,” and allow the filmmaker to run the show. “It’s a team sport,” he said, and “sometimes there’s a good result.”

King had the crowd laughing throughout the hour-long chat as he grilled Grodstein on her book.

At one point, he asked Grodstein to describe her thinking behind a particularly racy scene in her book.

“I don’t know if I want to talk about it,” Grostein said, blushing.

“These people came out on a cold, slushy night – so let’s get hot in here,” King replied, drawing laughs from the crowd.

The two authors also talked a bit about the writing process, with Grodstein saying she gets up at 5 each morning to write. She said she loves teaching at Rutgers University because it gives her something else to do besides listen to the voices in her head.

“Geez, that’s all I do,” King cracked. “I guess I’m a bad person.”


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I just finished reading Paganism An Introduction to Earth Centered Religions By Joyce & River Higginbotham.

It was a hit and a miss for me at times, but I do recommend this to anyone studying the Pagan way of life. A very good guide book. I did like how it breaks down the differences of all the different types of Paganism.

Misses for me was all the science stuff they got into lol I am not scientific I guess.

My next book:
Tribute by Nora Roberts

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Great Read

As is Naked Heat almost done with it.

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CASTLE Scoop: Third NIKKI HEAT Book on the Way

CASTLE fans, I just got off the phone with series creator Andrew Marlowe and in addition to tons of Castle-Beckett gossip I know you’re dying to hear (and I promise I’ll share that soon), he spilled a little treat that I couldn’t hold in: the third NIKKI HEAT book will debut in the fall!

So what’s the scoop on the newest novel?

“[Castle] is writing a book and we’re going to touch on that by the end of the season,” Marlowe teased. “His new book is called HEAT RISES and Richard Castle is actually hard at work on that and [it] will be available in the fall at a [real] bookstore near you.”

Good to hear that the movie adaptation of HEAT WAVE hasn’t taken Castle’s focus off writing, right? Those books are chock full of winks to the audience, something Marlowe knows fans enjoy.

“It’s really fun for our loyal fans because they can see all the moments the [books have] drawn from cases,” he said. “Castle has been following Beckett around and he’s been using that material. The feedback I’ve gotten from fans,  is [the books] just delight them to say, ‘Oh, that’s from that episode! That’s when Castle saw Beckett do that!’ And we love them for [paying attention].”

Are you counting down the days until you can get your hands on HEAT RISES?


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Books, Books, Books

First fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes.

My Top 15 Books are as follows:

1.  All the In Death Series books by JD Robb. (The ones I have read so far are kick ass)
2.  Bones to Ashes by Kathye Reichs
3.  Devil Bones by Kathy Reichs
4.  Break No Bones by Kathy Reichs
5.  The Hollow: Signs of Seven Trilogy by Nora Roberts
6.  Deadly Night: The Brothers Flynn Trilogy (book one was awesome now I am finishing book 2 also a great read)
7.  Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz
8.  Salem’s lot by Stephen King
9.  Quicksand by Iris Johansen
10.  Pandora’s Daughter by Iris Johansen
11.  Faces of Fear by John Saul
12. The Husband by Dean Koontz
13.  The Devil’s Labyrinth by Dean Koontz
14.  A Thief in Time by Toni Hillerman
15.  Skinwalkers by Toni Hillerman

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Nothing Beats a Great read. lol


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Deadly Night by Heather Graham

I finished reading Deadly Night by Heather Graham.

A great read from cover to cover. It was the kind of book that I hated putting down I just needed to know what was next. It kept me guessing all the way to the end as to who the culprit was indeed a fun exciting book.

I have already started part two of the Flynn Brothers trilogy cracked that puppy open last night gotta say I am loving it so far.

I have also ordered part three looking forwards to both of these books knocking my socks off as the first one did.

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