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Robert Hegyes, Welcome Back Kotter

Robert Hegyes, best known for playing Juan Epstein on Welcome Back, Kotter, died Thursday from an apparent heart attack, The Star-Ledger reports. He was 60.

A New Jersey native, Hegyes studied speech and theater at Rowan University (where he taught later in his career) before finding stage work in New York both on and off Broadway. ┬áIn 1975, Hegyes was cast on Welcome Back, Kotter as one of the Sweathogs alongside a young John Travolta. After the comedy’s four-year run, Hegyes joined the detective series Cagney & Lacey as undercover detective Manny Esposito.

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More recently, Hegyes guest-starred on shows like NewsRadio, Diagnosis Murder and The Drew Carey Show. Health problems in the past several years, including a heart attack, kept him out of the limelight. However, he did reunite with the rest of the Welcome Back, Kotter cast at last year’s TV Land Awards.

Hegyes is survived by three siblings, two children, Cassie and Mac, and two stepchildren, Sophia and Alex.




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Stephen Colbert watched President Obama’s “State of the Union” address Tuesday night, but it wasn’t really Mr. “Look at me, I’m President” that he was interested in.

While Jon Stewart empathized with Obama about his “spilled milk” joke bombing, Colbert criticized him for cracking wise and called him the “Jay Leno-in-chief.”

As you might expect, Colbert was far more interested in the conservative rebuttals, including that of “Shrink ray experiment” Mitch Daniels speaking on behalf of the GOP and Herman Cain who brought the Tea Party response.

Cain name-dropped Colbert and gave him props for endorsing him, as well as reaching the nation’s “immature” voters who might not otherwise know about the race if they didn’t watch “The Stephen Colberts.”

“Well said, ‘The Herman Cains’,” Colbert joked.



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