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The actor tells THR: “It’s almost as if Larry has been reduced to being Constance’s henchman.”

[Warning: The following story contains spoilers from Wednesday’s episode of American Horror Story.]

During Wednesday’s “Open House” installment of FX’s American Horror Story, Larry’s (Denis O’Hare) motivation for attempting to extort money from Ben (Dylan McDermott) was revealed: He has a romantic history with Constance (Jessica Lange).

The Hollywood Reporter checked in with O’Hare to find out why Larry would continue to pursue someone who’s verbally abusive and why he’d be willing to kill for Constance as well as the truth about Larry’s burns.

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The Hollywood Reporter: Larry told his wife he wanted to be with Constance and suggested she leave town. Will we see more of Larry and Constance’s relationship in future episodes?
Denis O’Hare:
Yes, an upcoming episode will offer more information on Larry’s back story and it shows what happened after Larry’s family died and it shows the new household that Larry formed with Constance and her family, which is quite fascinating. There will be more back story detailing how he was burned; as of yet, we still don’t know.

THR: It wasn’t when Larry discovers his wife setting the room on fire? Is Constance tied to how he was burned?
No. It’s unrelated and completely out of left field. There’s a great hint in the basement — they have a scene before he kills Joe (the real estate developer) when he has a reunification with Constance and tells her he loves her, and she says, “Look what you did to yourself, look at what the house did to you” and he says, “The house didn’t do this to me, you did this to me.” That’s the first indication you get of how he was burned.

THR: Wednesday’s episode sees Larry kill both Joe, who was looking to buy and demolish the house, and Constance’s son in the attic, Bo. To what lengths will he go to for Constance?
It’s almost as if Larry has been reduced to being Constance’s henchman. Once he’s come under her power and once she favors him with a little bit of attention she’s got him and now he will do her bidding. It’s almost as if he’s her creature, in a strange way. There are no lengths to which he won’t go. But we’ll discover as we move on to the end game that everybody has their limits and everybody has the possibility of redemption and/or waking up and that goes for Larry, too.

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THR: Why is Larry continuing to pursue Constance when she treats him horribly?
Two things: One, he’s truly smitten. Constance is an extraordinary creature and she exerts an extraordinary power. He is under her spell in a way. The other reason is because he’s given up everything for her. He has nothing left. He’s basically sacrificed his family, his home, his future, his identity and his existence. Having made that decision, he has no choice but to cling to that one scrap of hope and he hopes to come back to her.

THR: What would redemption or waking up look like for Larry?
For Larry, redemption is release. In this show, release can be anything from death to having your bones disinterred and moved. It means release from the burden that he carries. The burden he carries is a certain kind of guilt and a certain kind of twisted relationship with the house and Constance.

THR: It was also revealed that Larry didn’t kill his wife and daughters yet they died in the house. Could we ultimately see them surface as ghosts?
Quite possibly. Given the nature of the show and the nature of that house, anything and everything is possible. Characters are not necessarily gone just because they’ve been killed. There’s a very good possibility that could happen. We haven’t seen the kids yet. We just shot an episode last week that has a lot of twists and turns and a lot of strange things in the past that occur.

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THR: What’s Larry’s connection to Bo?
I think Bo is Constance’s child from her first husband, the one she murdered. Constance has this pull to get back into the house and she’ll use what ever she needs to get back in. The house obviously meaning more than simply a place to live. Part of her game plan with Larry and his family was to seduce him and thereby become part of the household again as Larry’s mistress. It doesn’t work out so well for Larry.

THR: What will Larry do next in his bid to get the house for himself now that extortion and selling the house to a developer haven’t worked?
I’m not sure Larry’s end game is to get the Harmons out; his end game is to stay attached to Constance and to stay in proximity to the house. I’m not sure that Larry can afford to buy the house. But as long as he can have a relationship with it, he’ll be happy. With the Harmons, if they want to stay and live a pathetic shattered life, so be it. As long as Larry can share that life, he’s fine with that. He could become friends with Violet, he could become intimate with Vivien, what ever he needs to do to remain in the orbit of Constance and the house.

THR: What are the chances Bo is connected to the Rubber Man?
I don’t have that answer but the Rubber Man is revealed an upcoming episode.

THR: How is Larry connected to the Rubber Man?
He’s connected in a very odd way, which you’ll find out in Episode 10 (laughs). There is a master plan in Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk‘s brain.

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THR: What is it about the house and children? There have been several that have died in the house — Tate, Larry’s kids, Bo, all the unborn children who died at the hands of Dr. Charles Montgomery …
Ultimately, I think it’s more of a thematic metaphor. I think it would be unsatisfying if the answer were really simple, like the abortion doctor operated out of there and the children want revenge. I think it’s something much deeper that for whatever reasons this house has the power that it has. Part of that power involves the unhappiness and the unraveling of families and the devouring of children. I love the fact that the show doesn’t give us neat, formulaic responses.

American Horror Story airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. on FX.



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Today the Commonwealth of Massachusetts continues its longstanding tradition of promoting equality by passing the Transgender Equal Rights Bill. The bill, which protects Massachusetts transgender residents from discrimination in employment, housing, education and credit, as well as hate crime violence, passed in the House yesterday, 95-58. Today the Senate unanimously approved the measure.  Gov. Deval Patrick (D) submitted written testimony in support of the bill and is expected to sign the legislation into law once it reaches his desk.  Once he does, Massachusetts law will provide vital protections to the state’s approximately 33,000 transgender residents, and Massachusetts will join 15 other states and Washington, D.C., in prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity and expression.

“This bill includes essential protections for transgender residents, who are not currently protected in any areas of the Commonwealth’s civil rights laws,” says Gunner Scott, executive director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition.

Rebekah Gewirtz, director of government relations and political action for the National Association of Social Workers of Massachusetts, speaks to the importance of the initiative: “This bill will give basic civil rights protections to transgender people, who suffer disproportionately from discrimination and violence.  No one should be denied a job or have to live in fear for their safety simply because of who they are.”

Thankfully, Gewirtz’s sentiments were shared by state representatives Carl Sciortino and Byron Rushing, House Speaker Robert DeLeo and House Chairman Eugene O’Flaherty, who steadily advocated for the passing of the measure in the Massachusetts State House.  Kara Suffredini, executive director of MassEquality, praised these leaders saying, “We are deeply grateful to our champions in the House…who spoke out passionately and forcefully on behalf of their transgender constituents.”   These individuals, along with all of the representatives that supported the bill, chose to stand in support of equality and fairness for all citizens of the Bay State.

Today Senate members joined in passing this historic bill with remarkably no senators speaking against the legislation. Because of lawmakers’ dedication to the welfare of the people of Massachusetts, transgender residents will be protected against discrimination when they seek employment, housing, education or credit.  Gender identity and expression will also be added to current hate crimes law.

The importance of this legislation – and the impact it will have – cannot be overstated.  According to a February 2011 report, 76 percent of Massachusetts transgender residents have been harassed on the job because of their gender identity, while 17 percent have been denied housing.

“This bill is about giving transgender people an equal shot at obtaining everyday basics we all need — a job, a place to live, an education.  It’s a major step forward for fairness…” explained Gavi Wolfe, legislative counsel for the ACLU of Massachusetts.

Today’s passage of the Transgender Equal Rights Bill comes on the heels of a February 2011 executive order, signed by Gov. Patrick, that prohibits discrimination based on gender identity and expression for Massachusetts state workers. The February measure was a noteworthy victory, but pointed to the need for protections for all of Massachusetts’ transgender residents, not only state workers.  Pending Gov. Patrick’s signature, today’s legislative action marks the historic extension of vital protections to transgender residents statewide.

To be clear, the Transgender Equal Rights Bill is not perfect. The current bill does not include protections within public accommodations. Jennifer Levi, director of Gay and Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, highlights this setback but remains optimistic about today’s success: “We want complete protections for transgender people – including in public accommodations – but also know that in order to get there, we cannot walk away from the legislature’s first step toward achieving those full protections.” Today’s legislative decision is a clear start to full transgender equality.

GLAAD has supported the work of the Transgender Equal Rights Coalition* in a number of ways, the most significant of which was procuring free PSAs to raise awareness of the need to protect the state’s transgender community. These have been airing on Boston’s top-rated KISS 108 since September.

In addition, GLAAD has continuously monitored the media coverage of the Transgender Equal Rights Bill. When necessary, GLAAD’s Media Field Strategy team has conducted outreach to journalists to correct problematic coverage, ensuring fair, accurate and inclusive reporting of the transgender community in Massachusetts media.

GLAAD applauds the Massachusetts Legislature for voting to provide vital protections to the state’s transgender residents.  At the same time, we offer heartfelt congratulations to our colleagues at the Transgender Equal Rights Coalition*.  Many of those who make up the Coalition have been working tirelessly, for years, to bring today’s historic victory to fruition.  Today their hard work has paid off in a big way that will make a tangible, positive difference in the lives of the state’s transgender residents.

*Members of the coalition include MassNOW; ACLU of Massachusetts; Jane Doe, Inc., The Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence; National Association of Social Workers, MA; Mass AFL-CIO; Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders; Mass Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus; Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition; and MassEquality.



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Support Supernatural Official Store

Thank you for visiting the http://www.SupportSupernatural.com Official Store!

100 PERCENT OF THIS SITE’S PROFITS GO TO: A Dog’s Life Rescue. (http://www.adogsliferescue.org).

SupportSupernatural.com: Raising awareness while raising funds.

For more information on our 2011 fan initiative, please visit http://www.SPNangelsforanimals.org. Thank you

For more information on our 2011 fan initiative, please visit http://www.SPNangelsforanimals.org. Thank you


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The web community is currently in an apprehensive uproar over the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), which threatens to create an Internet blacklist that operates at the DNS level in a misguided attempt to curb piracy. It’s bad news — many of Silicon Valley’s largest tech companies are speaking out against it, and Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt just went on the record calling it draconian and censorship.

Now the folks over at SendWrite, a startup that makes it easy to quickly send people physical letters (no stamp-licking required), is offering to extend its services to anyone who would like to send their Congressperson a real, physical letter denouncing SOPA. Free of charge.

The service is easy to use: go to this page, select your congressperson from the drop-down menu, and fill in a personal message (it gives you a rough outline on what you should consider including, as well as some additional tips).

Enter your return address (you should provide a real one, or the Congressperson may not pay attention to it), and you’re set — SendWrite will print it out and send it. You’ll even see a preview of what your words will look like once they’re printed out on a card.

SendWrite is offsetting the costs of the campaign by prompting users to make donations.

Update: SendWrite has cut this off at 3,000 letters (which they’re in the process of sending).

We’ve received over 3000 thoughtful and personal letters telling congress to stop SOPA. We’ve also received thousands of dollars in donations. We are suprised by the response and support you’ve shown.

We’ve decided apply the brakes so we can ensure a high level of service for the cards we’ve already received. It’s going to take us a little time to process and mail all these letters, so please be patient. If you supplied us with your email address you will receive a notification when your card is mailed out.

If you haven’t had a chance to write congress, please head over to AmericanCensorship.org to take action.

Respectfully and sincerely,
Cole Krumbholz
Founder, SendWrite.com



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