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Nathan Fillion and the several members of the cast from ABC’sCastle blew the roof off Comic-Con early Sunday afternoon.

Following in line with last year’s panel when the first scene of the Season 3 premiere was shown, a glimpse of the opening from the upcoming season was screened for the crowd.

The big question that was left after the finale was: Is Kate Beckett actually dead? “I know, I know. It hurts right here,” Fillion said of Beckett’s unknown state, placing his hand near his heart.

“It was very emotional the whole day,” actress Tamala Jones said of Season 4’s opening scene. “My friend is dying and I’m trying to help save her. … The whole outcome is really going to be more epic than the season finale, I think.”

“Everyone had blood on their hands and we had to sit there … I couldn’t fix my hair,” Fillion joked, with both elbows propped up. “We’re just sitting there looing like we’re going into surgery or getting out of it. I couldn’t read my book: Game of Thrones.

What can people expect in Season 4? A special Halloween episode, which will be Ghostbusters-themed. In the second episode of the new season, there’s going to be one “with a bit of a superhero theme. I thought that might excite you, it excites me.”

An audience member asked about Beckett and potential replacements. “Did you hear about this? They were looking at Ashton Kutcher for [Beckett’s] replacement,” Jones joked about Beckett. “Guys, too soon but so funny,” Fillion responded.

Here are some other notable soundbites from the entertaining panel:

  • “Typically if you’re going to be on a TV show with me, you can look forward to cancellation,” Fillion joked.
  • The death of Captain Roy was hard on the cast. “To lose this person who was like a mentor was pretty hard,” Jon Huertas said. “It was a pretty sad day when we found out he was getting shot.” Seamus Dever added: “I now have no one to talk theater with … We miss him tremendously. … We had two months to think of what [that] was. … What you saw in the finale wasn’t really acting … We were saying goodbye to Reuben.”
  • Molly Quinn: “She’s going to be voicing a lot of her opinions, how she feels … he’s enjoying chasing down killers … I don’t know if Alexis is too happy about that.”
    Fillion: “You’ve heard about the terrible teens.”
    Quinn: “I’m the adult on this set.”
  • “I was eating that and I got sick,” Fillion said of the s’morelette. “I’m not sure where your tastebuds are located. That wasn’t very good,” Quinn joked.
  • The 3XK storyline will continue in the new season. “This is a nice seed that’s been planted for the future so I think we’re going to see a crime being committed and Ryan’s gun being used,” Dever said. “I think it’s an innocent person getting killed. … We’ll see the return of that storyline and a nemesis for Castle.”
  • In the X-Files episode, Fillion noted that if “you look closely, you will find a giant or small X in nearly every scene.”
  • It was teased that Castle’s dad will finally be seen this season. So who did the cast think was perfect for the role? Some suggions: Ken Howard (Huertas), Christopher Walken (Jones), Dwight Howard (Dever). “I was talking to Susan [Sullivan] and she said, ‘What if I was Castle’s dad?’ “
  • Quinn was dressed up as Captain Mal Reynolds. “Oh my god, I just noticed what Molly was wearing,” Fillion said during the panel.
  • Fillion arrived in style, ascending from the ground up when he was introduced.

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What happens after “I love you”?

Exclusive Castle postmortem: Creator on [SPOILER!]’s death and Castle & Beckett’s future

That’s the question on every Castle fan’s mind after the explosive season 3 finale, which featured Captain Montgomery’s death and Beckett (Stana Katic) being shot just moments before Castle (Nathan Fillion) made a heartfelt confession of love. Assuming the ABC crime drama won’t be killing off its leading lady, will the show’s fourth season bring will-they-won’t-they couple together for more than just a passionate kiss? Is it finally the right time for Castle and Beckett?

The first trailer for Season 4, which just screened at Comic-Con, offers few answers, but it does reflect on many of Castle and Beckett’s best (and most romantic) moments from the past three years. Watch the preview and decide for yourself: Should Castle and Beckett should get together this season?

Castle exclusive: Meet Castle and Beckett’s new boss!

Season 4 of Castle premieres on Monday, Sept. 19 at 10/9c on ABC. Watch the trailer here:


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The original Being Human already has a solid fanbase and when the North American version debuted earlier this year, it was clear the franchise was securing its hold.

Season 2 of Syfy’s Being Human, which launches next January, sees Aidan, Sally and Josh all going through significant characer changes, so what should viewers be expecting? “Werewolf babies!,” joked Sam Huntington, who plays werewolf Josh. “We had this seven-month break and the whole time I was looking forward to picking up where we left off.”

Josh is “stronger and he’s more in tune with who he is. His relationship with Norah has developed in very interesting ways,” Huntington continued.


Sally, played by Meaghan Rath, said her character (a ghost) has learned “more about who she is in her death than she’s ever had in her life. We leave off three weeks after we stopped.”

Sam Witwer’s Aidan, whose “father figure” Bishop is no longer around, “has been strugglign with going clean,” Witwer said. “He had this father figure [for 200-plus years and] at the end of the season, Aidan frees himself from that. If youre trying to get off what is essentially a drug habit,” which means staying away from the vampires, it proves to be difficult.

When asked if Witwer took from other vampire shows or movies to ready himself for Aidan, the actor revealed that he hadn’t “seen True Blood or Vampire Diaries or Twilight.”

“I actually don’t know if it’s actually original or done what a lot of other people have done,” Witwer added of his portrayal of Aidan.

In the upcoming Season 2 premiere, however, the cast revealed some minor spoilers. “I snuck a Star Wars reference in the first episode,” Witwer revealed, citing his work on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game as Galen Marek/Starkiller.

Executive producer Jeremy Carver, who along with wife and fellow EP Anna Fricke, developedBeing Human for North America, discussed how they went about adapting the hugely popular BBC version to theirs. “It’s always challenging … the way we sort of blended the BBC version and ours,” Carver said. “This year, we’ll see that we’re striking on a way farly different path. We’re laying down our own framework here.”

Carver teased that there will be “new types of werewolves, vampires and ghosts” in the upcoming season, which just began shooting two weeks ago.

But it was clear throughout the panel the great rapport Rath, Witwer and Huntington have with each other. At several points, Witwer impersonated Arnold Schwarzenegger and poked fun of his own dimple chin. During one of the highlights, Rath and Witwer went on a two-minute run pretending to have high-pitched voices and funny accents, a gag that Huntington shared could go on forever.

As always, things aren’t fine and dandy in the Being Human household. With Aidan in particular, Witwer said, “He always tried to play it like he was on his game [even though he’s not]. He’s completely off the rails this season because Bishop is not around. .. It’s a huge deal for Bishop to be gone.”

Witwer continued: “First episode, he kills a girl, oops. This is a guy who isn’t ready to be on his own yet. He’s trying to be more open with his roommates but we see that that’s not [what he’s used to doing].”

Huntington told the crowd to rewatch Season 1 because his “voice gets a little more husky” as the season progresses.


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