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1. Last beverage you consumed?  Coke Zero
2. What is in the backseat of your car? The tarp thingy for the dogs.
3. Two words to explain why you  last threw up.  Sick.
4. What is the equation for the pythagorean theorem? Need to ask Google LMAO.

5. Do you think barbie is a negative role model for young girl? She is a freaking doll man.
6. What kind of car does your father drive? He used to drive a Lincoln.
7. Do you like to play scrabble: yes but it has been a while.
8. Where did you attend high school: In a building that was my school.
9. Favorite scent? the smell of a rose.
10. Who can you tell absolutely anything ? my hubby & daughter. 🙂
11. Last television program you watched:  Cake Boss.
12. Spell your name with without vowels: LN
13. Does your family own any boats: Nope.
14. Something you can’t live without? there are many things man.
15. Do you wear flip flops constantly? nope.
16. What do you think of Adam Brody? Me thinks me do not care.
17. Do you have air conditioning in your room: central air & wall units in the bedroom they have come in handy when our central air has needed repairs.
18. Where were you when 9/11 happened? Home.
19. How often do you read books? I try to read every day love my books.
20. Do you like James Blunt? Who??????????????
21. Describe the computer you are currently using? It is a box full of fun shit to do.
22. How long does it take you to get ready to go out? Depends were we are going so meh like 30 maybe 40 minutes.
23. Will you donate your organs after you pass? Yes just hope they will be OK enough to pass along to someone in need.
24. Have you been outside of America? yes.
25. Would you ever get your nipple pierced? No way man.
26. What are you looking forward to? Vacay.
27. Last text you received on your mobile? Hubby telling me he loves me. 🙂
28. If you could kiss anyone who would it be? anyone in fantasy land lol Jared Ackles. 🙂
29. What song are you listening to? Raise Your Glass by Pink
30. Last movie you watched? Have not sat and watched a movie in a long ass time.
31. Which one of your friends lives closest to you? nobody.
32. What cd is in your stereo? Pink Greatest Hits … So Far.
33. What did you do last night? Watched TV with hubby all cozy on the couch.
34. Do you wish at 11:11 No.
35. Do you wear contacts or glasses? Glasses.
36. Last person you ditched class with? Me no do it the schoolth thingy no more lol
37. Do you find yourself attractive? I am so pretty *sings* oh so pretty.
38. Who was the last person to call you? Hubby.
39. What annoys you?  The human race.
40. Are you forgetful? At times yep.
41. Next vacation you’re going on?  New Orleans in March!
42. Do you play any instruments? used to play the guitar many moons ago.
43. Last thing that made you really laugh? The Penguins of Madagascar the TV show. Love it.
44. Do you have any piercings? Just my ears.
45. Can you roll your r’s? lol badly.
46. Did you ever go to your school prom? yep should of stayed home would of been more fun.
47. Look out the window… what do you see? the curtains.




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Help us give kids in poverty a chance at a fair start. When you donate $25 today you will receive a set of 24 limited-edition Valentine’s Day Cards (2 cards of each design). Your donation will support Save the Children’s work to help children living in poverty in the U.S.

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Actress Julianne Moore talks to CNN’s Alina Cho about her artist ambassadorship for Save the Children and the Valentine’s Day campaign. Watch Video



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Up to $250 million in domestic syndication deals — as well as millions more in ad revenue — are in jeopardy as star Charlie Sheen heads back to rehab.

As Charlie Sheen heads back to a rehabilitation facility, weeks of salacious headlines are now giving way to a steep financial price for the star’s behavior.

In fact, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that if Two and a Half Men is forced to shut down permanently, it could jeopardize as much as $250 million in domestic syndication revenue for producer Warner Bros. Television and millions more in lost ad revenue for CBS.

In its eighth season, Men is the most-watched comedy on television, averaging 14.7 million viewers, while it is second only to ABC’s Modern Family among the ad-coveted younger demographic of 18-49-year-olds. CBS sells 30-second spots in Men for more than $200,000, according to media buyers, generating more than $3 million per episode. Kantar Media reports that the show grossed CBS more than $155 million in ad revenue last season alone.

And Men also is the network’s linchpin on Monday nights, helping to launch successful comedies including The Big Bang Theory and most recently Mike & Molly (both fromMen co-creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre). There are currently only two new episodes of Menthat have not yet aired, and while CBS will save on license fees if production remains shut down, the loss of new Menwill certainly impact the overall performance of its Monday night lineup.

In a statement released to THR on Sunday, CBS again expressed concern for Sheen’s well-being but sought to distance the network from any potential deleterious effect of the actor’s behavior.

“Looking forward, the financial impact of the shutdown is not material to CBS,” the statement says. “Any ratings declines will be more than offset by the reduced programming costs for episodes lost this season. We will begin to address the scheduling issues this week. The network is strong and deep with hit series; we’re not reliant on one show. In addition, Two and a Half Menhas always performed well in repeats, and we have the option of ordering additional episodes of other popular comedies on the network.”

At this point, the final two new episodes are scheduled to air Feb. 7 and 14. (The first is fittingly titled “Three Hookers and a Philly Cheesesteak,” according to the CBS schedule.)



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