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1. Last beverage you consumed?  Coke Zero
2. What is in the backseat of your car? The tarp thingy for the dogs.
3. Two words to explain why you  last threw up.  Sick.
4. What is the equation for the pythagorean theorem? Need to ask Google LMAO.

5. Do you think barbie is a negative role model for young girl? She is a freaking doll man.
6. What kind of car does your father drive? He used to drive a Lincoln.
7. Do you like to play scrabble: yes but it has been a while.
8. Where did you attend high school: In a building that was my school.
9. Favorite scent? the smell of a rose.
10. Who can you tell absolutely anything ? my hubby & daughter. 🙂
11. Last television program you watched:  Cake Boss.
12. Spell your name with without vowels: LN
13. Does your family own any boats: Nope.
14. Something you can’t live without? there are many things man.
15. Do you wear flip flops constantly? nope.
16. What do you think of Adam Brody? Me thinks me do not care.
17. Do you have air conditioning in your room: central air & wall units in the bedroom they have come in handy when our central air has needed repairs.
18. Where were you when 9/11 happened? Home.
19. How often do you read books? I try to read every day love my books.
20. Do you like James Blunt? Who??????????????
21. Describe the computer you are currently using? It is a box full of fun shit to do.
22. How long does it take you to get ready to go out? Depends were we are going so meh like 30 maybe 40 minutes.
23. Will you donate your organs after you pass? Yes just hope they will be OK enough to pass along to someone in need.
24. Have you been outside of America? yes.
25. Would you ever get your nipple pierced? No way man.
26. What are you looking forward to? Vacay.
27. Last text you received on your mobile? Hubby telling me he loves me. 🙂
28. If you could kiss anyone who would it be? anyone in fantasy land lol Jared Ackles. 🙂
29. What song are you listening to? Raise Your Glass by Pink
30. Last movie you watched? Have not sat and watched a movie in a long ass time.
31. Which one of your friends lives closest to you? nobody.
32. What cd is in your stereo? Pink Greatest Hits … So Far.
33. What did you do last night? Watched TV with hubby all cozy on the couch.
34. Do you wish at 11:11 No.
35. Do you wear contacts or glasses? Glasses.
36. Last person you ditched class with? Me no do it the schoolth thingy no more lol
37. Do you find yourself attractive? I am so pretty *sings* oh so pretty.
38. Who was the last person to call you? Hubby.
39. What annoys you?  The human race.
40. Are you forgetful? At times yep.
41. Next vacation you’re going on?  New Orleans in March!
42. Do you play any instruments? used to play the guitar many moons ago.
43. Last thing that made you really laugh? The Penguins of Madagascar the TV show. Love it.
44. Do you have any piercings? Just my ears.
45. Can you roll your r’s? lol badly.
46. Did you ever go to your school prom? yep should of stayed home would of been more fun.
47. Look out the window… what do you see? the curtains.




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Help us give kids in poverty a chance at a fair start. When you donate $25 today you will receive a set of 24 limited-edition Valentine’s Day Cards (2 cards of each design). Your donation will support Save the Children’s work to help children living in poverty in the U.S.

These cards are perfect for your kids to give to their friends and classmates on Valentine’s Day! The set includes cards designed by the winners of our kid’s art contest and cards designed by today’s hottest young celebrity artists, including Joey King, Jordin Sparks, Greyson Chance, Corbin Bleu, Jennette McCurdy and Nat and Alex Wolff.

Actress Julianne Moore talks to CNN’s Alina Cho about her artist ambassadorship for Save the Children and the Valentine’s Day campaign. Watch Video



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Up to $250 million in domestic syndication deals — as well as millions more in ad revenue — are in jeopardy as star Charlie Sheen heads back to rehab.

As Charlie Sheen heads back to a rehabilitation facility, weeks of salacious headlines are now giving way to a steep financial price for the star’s behavior.

In fact, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that if Two and a Half Men is forced to shut down permanently, it could jeopardize as much as $250 million in domestic syndication revenue for producer Warner Bros. Television and millions more in lost ad revenue for CBS.

In its eighth season, Men is the most-watched comedy on television, averaging 14.7 million viewers, while it is second only to ABC’s Modern Family among the ad-coveted younger demographic of 18-49-year-olds. CBS sells 30-second spots in Men for more than $200,000, according to media buyers, generating more than $3 million per episode. Kantar Media reports that the show grossed CBS more than $155 million in ad revenue last season alone.

And Men also is the network’s linchpin on Monday nights, helping to launch successful comedies including The Big Bang Theory and most recently Mike & Molly (both fromMen co-creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre). There are currently only two new episodes of Menthat have not yet aired, and while CBS will save on license fees if production remains shut down, the loss of new Menwill certainly impact the overall performance of its Monday night lineup.

In a statement released to THR on Sunday, CBS again expressed concern for Sheen’s well-being but sought to distance the network from any potential deleterious effect of the actor’s behavior.

“Looking forward, the financial impact of the shutdown is not material to CBS,” the statement says. “Any ratings declines will be more than offset by the reduced programming costs for episodes lost this season. We will begin to address the scheduling issues this week. The network is strong and deep with hit series; we’re not reliant on one show. In addition, Two and a Half Menhas always performed well in repeats, and we have the option of ordering additional episodes of other popular comedies on the network.”

At this point, the final two new episodes are scheduled to air Feb. 7 and 14. (The first is fittingly titled “Three Hookers and a Philly Cheesesteak,” according to the CBS schedule.)



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A hospital in Mt. Lebanon, Pa. is wrapping each newborn in a Terrible Towel as part of a celebration of the Steelers playing in Super Bowl XLV.

St. Clair Hospital started the tradition when the Steelers last made it to the Super Bowl in 2008 and decided to continue this year. “They’re born Steelers fans here in Pittsburgh,” said Sharon Johnson, a clinical supervisor at the hospital.

It’s a cute idea and I’m sure all those Terrible Towels will be hanging proudly in those family’s houses for years to come.

Can people opt out of this though? Surely there’s some family in Pittsburgh that either doesn’t care about football, doesn’t like the Steelers or doesn’t want their newborn child blinded by the bright yellow color of that towel. And aren’t babies supposed to be wrapped in soft material? The Terrible Towels are as gentle as washcloths at a Holiday Inn.

No matter. It’s the team spirit that counts, as evidenced by four quotes from the piece:

— “She can choose her religion, but she can’t choose what team she likes.” — Justin Eitel, father of a newborn daughter

— “It’s pretty awesome. I got a new baby and a new Terrible Towel. Couldn’t ask for anything more.” — Joe Laffey, father of a newborn daughter

— “I kept telling [my girlfriend] during the AFC Championship game, ‘Don’t let your water break!’ — Laffey, again

— “She worked hard and got it done, just like the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s a special time. You feel like you’re a part of it.” — Dr. Paul Zubritzky, obstetrician at St. Clair, on a mother who wanted her son to be part of the celebration. It’s not clear whether Dr. Zubritzky was talking about the birth or the football game.

Somewhat disappointingly, it appears that none of the newborns were named after anyone associated with the Steelers, past or present. I don’t know why not. Franco, Myron and Mean Joe make for lovely names.



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I was driving in the DT area saw this had to take a picture of it. 🙂


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Charlie Sheen has checked himself into rehab.

“Charlie Sheen has voluntarily entered an undisclosed rehabilitation center today,” the actor’s rep, Stan Rosenfield, confirmed to Access Hollywood on Friday afternoon.

PLAY IT NOW: Charlie Sheen’s Late Night Hospital Check Out (January 27, 2011)

The move comes just one day after the actor was transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after vomiting, following a late-night bash at his home that extended into the early hours of Thursday morning.

A source told Access Hollywood that Sheen was driven to Promises rehab in Malibu, Calif., early Friday afternoon, by his father, Martin Sheen.

VIEW THE PHOTOS: ‘Two And A Half Men’ Star Charlie Sheen

Just as Sheen’s rep announced he was entering rehab, CBS announced that “Two and a Half Men,” the actor’s hit comedy, was going on hiatus.

“Due to Charlie Sheen’s decision to enter a rehabilitation center, CBS, Warner Bros. Television and executive producer Chuck Lorre are placing ‘Two and a Half Men’ on production hiatus,” CBS said in a statement. “We are profoundly concerned for his health and well-being, and support his decision.”

Prior to the news of the actor entering rehab, the sitcom had expected to resume production as planned next week.

VIEW THE PHOTOS: Charlie Sheen: The Early Years

In his statement on Friday, Sheen’s rep added that the actor “is most grateful to all who have expressed their concern.”

He also noted that the actor has asked “that his privacy be respected at this time and that no additional information will be provided.”

VIEW THE PHOTOS: Celebs Who Have Been In Rehab

As previously reported on AccessHollywood.com, Sheen was rushed to Cedars-Sinai early Thursday morning, following a 911 call. A source told Access on Thursday that the actor’s condition at the hospital was “serious,” but despite internet rumors, the actor did not overdose, nor was he in a coma.

Access learned on Thursday that while at the hospital, Sheen was alert and talking.

Sheen, who the source said has been partying lately, with no plans on stopping, had been vomiting during the early hours of Thursday morning.

The actor’s father, Martin Sheen, and his mother, Janet, as well as two of his exes – ex wife Denise Richards and estranged wife Brooke Mueller (they filed for divorce in November 2010) — went to visit Sheen in the hospital on Thursday.

Rosenfield confirmed to Access on Friday morning that Sheen left the hospital on Thursday night and went home.

Access learned on Friday that Sheen’s father, Martin, stayed with his son on Thursday night and tried to convince him to check into rehab.

A rep for Martin Sheen was not immediately available for comment when contacted by Access.

As for Richards, on Thursday evening, she Tweeted her gratitude to those who reached out with messages of encouragement.

“Thank you so much for you kind and supportive messages..it means a lot …thank u…x,” she wrote.

She later blasted reports that quoted people described as her “friends” and called the situation private.

“I love how certain media outlets say my ‘friends’ are speaking to the press..all B.S. Nothing has been discussed this is a private matter,” she Tweeted on Friday.

Sheen’s hospitalization came less than a day after his “Two and A Half Men” co-star, Jon Cryer, admitted he checks the Sheen news online before heading to work on the CBS sitcom in the morning.

“It’s always a little weird because like the stuff you hear is just unbelievable,” Cryer told Conan O’Brien on Wednesday night’s “Conan.” “I mean like…I’m checking TMZ, as I do everyday, to know if I have to go to work at all.”

Additionally, earlier this month, Nina Tassler, president of CBS’ entertainment division, told reporters the network was concerned about Sheen’s recent behavior.

“We have a high level of concern and how could we not?” Tassler previously told reporters at the Television Critics Association Winter 2011 Session. “On a very basic human level, concern, of course. This man is a father; he’s got children; he has a family… but you can’t look at it simplistically.”

Tassler said Sheen understood the network had concerns, but the actor was meeting all of his obligations to the show.

“I don’t know what personal concern — what personal information has been given to him, but he certainly knows how we feel… he knows the level of concern that we have,” she said at the time. “Right now, the show continues to be as successful as it always is. Everyone is doing their job and things are continuing as planned.”

Sheen has had several medical issues in the past several months.

On January 13, a lawyer for the actor confirmed to Access that Sheen was back at work after seeking treatment for an ear infection the day before.

Back in October 2010, authorities in New York City took him to the hospital following a well-publicized incident in a NYC hotel room.

Sheen’s rep told Access at the time that Sheen had “an adverse allergic reaction to some medication,” which required the hospital visit.



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Piano `rescued’ from Biscayne Bay

A Miami family, ordered to remove the famed piano from a sandbar, found that somebody else had beaten them to it.

Biscayne Bay’s famed “piano bar” is no more but — befitting its curious run from teenage stunt to worldwide sensation — things ended with strange twist.

A state wildlife officer showed up Thursday at the Miami Shores home of the family that had hauled the hefty instrument onto a small sandbar early this month with orders to remove it in 24 hours or risk a fine.

Somebody beat them to it. A crew from TowBoat U.S. Miami had been hired earlier in the day by Carl Bentulan, a day trader and musician from Palmetto Bay, whose 10-year-old son, Liam, suggested that they “rescue” the beat-up and burned baby grand.

“Every morning, he’d get up and read the paper to see if it was still there,” said Bentulan, a bass player in a Police tribute band called Synchronicity. “I finally said, `OK, let’s give it a try.’ ”

Lynn Mitchell, a TowBoat employee, said she thought the call was a joke at first but assured Bentulan that salvors could easily handle a baby grand.

“He said, `do you have boats that can move things?’ ” she said. “I told him we have a crane that can put a 50-foot boat on a barge. We can move anything.”

When Nicholas Harrington, the 16-year-old MAST Academy student who came up with the idea of plunking the piano down on the small sandbar, arrived with family and friends Thursday afternoon to comply with state orders, the piano bar was already closed. The instrument, legs and pedals removed by salvors, was already resting in the cockpit of a TowBoat U.S. boat.

Thus ensued a brief flurry of phone calls between the Harringtons and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and then between the FWC and the salvors. As the sun set, the folks who had burned the piano — an old movie prop — at a New Year’s party, then plunked it down on the sandbar, headed back home.

The salvors headed to a storage yard with their prize: an unplayable, gutted, fleetingly famous piano that after several weeks on the water also has developed some really wicked warps, Mitchell said.

Mitchell said maritime law is clear that someone who pays to salvage something abandoned at sea becomes the lawful owner.

“We’re in the salvage business. This is what we do,” she said. “It’s abandoned property, just like if somebody put out a piano in a swale somewhere in Coral Gables. Somebody could grab it and take it home.”

Annabel Delgado Harrington, Nicholas’ mother, did not return calls Thursday evening. Family friend Jordan Barrocas, who was among the crew intending to remove the piano, said the family is discussing whether to pursue the instrument or let it go. Bentulan said he is hoping there won’t be any dispute.

Earlier in the day, Annabel Harrington said she was grateful that FWC was willing to cut the family some slack. An officer showed up around noon to tell them they wouldn’t face a ticket or fine if they removed the piano within 24 hours.

“I can see where they’re coming from,” she said. “We don’t want it to become a trigger for something else.”

For instance, the FWC officer told her that someone had placed a candelabra atop the piano. A photographer had also hauled out fashion models for a photo shoot.

Dumping something so big in the bay is technically a felony, said FWC Officer Jorge Pino, but “the intent of these kids was certainly not to go out there and litter, per se. It was to create some sort of an art project.”

Harrington said she hopes it will be “a really positive experience” for her son. “It’s been a whirlwind, and now it will be a good memory.

“I think what was so remarkable about the piano was that it became a Miami myth,” she said. “It had a really positive energy, and while the whole world was wondering how it got there it took on an almost storybook quality, it was almost magical.”

Now Bentulan hopes his son, a fifth grader at Coral Reef Elementary, will get a similar charge out of his role in an only-in-Miami yarn. He plans to pick up the piano on Friday morning, clean it up and then put it in the living room.

“He’s excited,” said Bentulan, who goes by the name Joe B in the band. `He can’t wait to see it.”

Neither he nor TowBoat would discuss what the salvage cost but he stressed that he wasn’t in it for the money — though his son had pitched the idea of taking the world-famous piano on tour.

If so, it’s too damaged to be anything but a prop again.

“I was hoping it would cost $1,” Bentulan laughed. “It didn’t.”

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/01/27/2037957/state-orders-piano-removed-from.html#ixzz1CRTfj0r7

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