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Happy Yule


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1. Creationism? Yes, Please.


According to a recent Gallup poll, 40% of Americans believe in Creationism. That means four out of ten people in this country thought humans just showed up one day and were ready for homeschooling.

2. Obama’s a Muslim

This was the big one of the year, as 18% of Americans stated that they believe Obama is a Muslim. OBVIOUSLY, those 18% love Muslims so much that they want their leader to be one, too. Duh. See also: Ground Zero Mosque.

3. Environmentalists Intentionally Caused the Oil Spill

So you know that oil spill that ruined the ocean, killed thousands of animals, and pretty much brought the country to a standstill? Environmentalists fault. Or at least that’s what 10% of Americans believe. All part of their plan to make us drive Priuses.

4. Fox the Most Trusted Channel in News

Over half of Americans were convinced of this in 2010. In a related story, a recent studyrevealed that Fox News viewers were the most misinformed. I did find not either of these facts from Fox News.

5. Glenn Beck: Most Admirable?

Speaking of, according to a Gallup poll, Americans believed Glenn Beck was the 4th most admirable man IN THE WORLD. In an unrelated study, most Americans ranked “crying on camera” as their favorite form of entertainment.

6. Angels

I’m starting to think the Pew research center just sets out to make us look dumb. Whether or not that’s true, they got a little assistance from 68% of Americans who stated they believe in angels. And not the Rod Carew/ Reggie Jackson kind.

7. Health Care Overhaul = Government Takeover

Remember when Obama signed the health care bill back last spring? And Joe Biden said it’s a “Big Fucking Deal?” 53% of Americans were convinced that it was because it meant a fullgovernment take-over of healthcare. While that would in fact be a big fucking deal, it’s not the big fucking deal he was speaking of. Because it’s simply not true.


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New York Jets coach isn’t the only one throwing up human obstacles on the sideline during punt coverage. FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer reported on Sunday that the NFL was “quietly investigating” another incident last week involving Tyler Brayton(notes) of the Carolina Panthers, in which the defensive end ran off the bench to elbow an Atlanta Falcons player in the head after he was blocked out of bounds during a punt return.

The fine was issued on Friday but was not made public.

It wasn’t made public? Are the league offices turning into the Nixon White House? If there was ever any doubt that the league is more interested in the perception of caring about player safety rather than the practice of it, this is it. The NFL made a big to-do about Sal Alosi and issued him a harsh punishment befitting that outrage. Brayton does something that’s much worse and much more dirty (he ran over to play and threw an elbow) and the league tries a Friday news dump and issues a nominal fine?

[Video: Colts called for strangest penalty of the year]

Brayton was forced to pay $15,000 from his $2.2 million salary, while Alosi earned a suspension for the rest of the season and a $25,000 fine. And he makes a normal salary as a strength and conditioning coach, not the millions Brayton does. That’s pure and utter hypocrisy. (Throw in the fact that Brayton has a past history of dirty play and it’s even worse. In 2006 he was fined $25,000 for kneeing another player in the groin.)

[Related: Jets coach pays price for tripping player]

If both Alosi and Brayton did the same thing on the same day, logic dictates that they’re far from the only team members to engage in these sorts of practices. The NFL has issued warnings to teams about forming walls on the sideline and that seemed like the respectable thing to do. Trying to cover up another incident re-raises the red flag though.

There’s a problem with NFL punt returns and the league needs to act more strongly than issuing another memo. Something is happening here and I don’t know what it is. Do you, Mr. Goodell?



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Targeting: Priscilla Holcomb (Director, Parsons School of Fashion)
Started by: Annie Hartnett

Each year, furrier Saga conducts courses and contests at the Parsons School of Fashion. Fashion students are given free samples of fur and encouraged to use fur in their future lines.

Parsons has a lengthy sustainability manifesto on their website, encouraging students to be environmentally conscious and to “buy better.”

It isn’t consistent with Parson’s sustainability message to allow Saga to hand out free fur to students. If Parsons is truly serious about the ethics of their young designers, they won’t allow Saga to give out fur to their students.




Please Stop Saga’s Fur Contest at Parsons


I recently read on Change.org that Parson New School for Design is still planning to conduct Saga’s annual fur contest.

Parson’s has an admirable sustainability manifesto on its website, but holding a contest sponsored by furriers isn’t consistent with this message. How can you ask students to “buy better,” and then hold a contest that promotes the torture and slaughter of thousands of animals?

I urge you to immediately discontinue the annual fur contest. I am aware that Parsons recently held a workshop conducted by The Humane Society of the United States. While this is a move in the right direction, Parsons should take a true stand against fur. The school helps shape the careers of young designers, and Parsons has a responsibility not to allow furriers to lure young students into supporting the cruel fur industry.

Thank you.


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Snow cancels Lady Gaga concert in Paris

PARIS (AP) — Lady Gaga isn’t having much luck in Paris.

In October, the pop diva’s concerts in Paris were postponed amid nationwide strikes over a government plan to raise the retirement age. One show was rescheduled for Sunday, but it was called off because of snow.

The weather led authorities to ban big trucks from driving through the Ile de France region that includes Paris. Lady Gaga’s trucks couldn’t get to the venue on time, concert venue Bercy stadium said on its Web site.

A concert Monday is expected to go forward as planned, and the canceled show is likely to be rescheduled for Tuesday, Bercy said.

The diva vented on Twitter, writing that “all 28” of the trucks carrying sets for her elaborate show had been detained. She said had wanted to do a show without the sets, but even sound and power equipment was blocked.

“I am furious and devastated,” she wrote, adding that it was “unfair to my fans and to me.”

Lady Gaga also wrote that two of her employees were “arrested trying to get into Paris so we could perform,” without elaborating. French police, the singer’s representatives and the concert venue did not immediately return calls and e-mails seeking comment on that claim.



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Betty Rocks

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Quote of the Day:

The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary; men alone are quite capable of every wickedness.
– Joseph Conrad

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