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Anna Torv on line


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Anna Torv plays FBI Agent Olivia Dunham on the Fox sci-fi show “Fringe” and through its first three seasons has created one of the most memorable and alluring female characters in genre television history.

When “Fringe” began, Anna Torv had to carry the show as its mythology and ensemble cast had not yet been fleshed out. She did so admirably, portraying Olivia Dunham as a strong and reserved FBI Agent unsure of exactly what she was getting into but determined to probe the mysteries that had started for her with the death of her lover and partner John Scott.

Torv developed Olivia as a smart, capable and action-oriented character who was somewhat reserved emotionally. Early on in the pilot she showed strong emotion over Scott’s betrayal and death, but the experience left her scarred even as she became immersed in the extraordinary cases of Fringe science.

Throughout the first two seasons Anna Torv was the heart of “Fringe” powering the show as the Fringe Team uncovered mystery after mystery leading to the discovery of the alternate universe. Her relationships with Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) and Walter Bishop (John Noble) were both very complicated, as she felt obvious but somewhat hidden affection for Peter and her reliance and friendship with Walter was questioned once she realized the truth: the he had experimented on her as a child.

Discovering the abilities Walter had implanted in her was a key feature of Season Two and Torv did a great job conveying the confusion and uncertainty Olivia felt as she slowly discovered she was indeed very special. Eventually her belief in herself as something other than just a kick-ass FBI agent begin to take shape.

That made it even more intriguing when the alternate universe was revealed to us as fans at the end of Season Two and we got to meet Bolivia, Olivia Dunham’s doppelganger on the other side, also played by Torv but with some key differences in personality. Bolivia had never been experimented on as a child and is far cockier and less emotionally detached than Olivia Dunham, and the result was that Torv got to really expand the role which she did fabulously in portraying the sassier, more action-oriented Bolivia.

As Season Two ended and Season Three of “Fringe” began Torv rotated episodes playing each version of Olivia Dunham, both now stuck in the wrong universe attempting (one forced, one intentionally) to manage merged personalities. Anna Torv has convincing created two separate personalities for these two different Olivias, each instantly recognizable, in a stunning acting performance.

Through it all Torv has captured both sides of Olivia Dunham as both paradoxically strong and independent and yet vulnerable enough to create audience sympathy and love for the character. Anna Torv, who is Australian, hides her accent to play the very American Olivia Dunham. She is the heart of “Fringe” and one of the strongest, sexiest female characters on television today.

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Quote of the Day:

Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up.
– G. K. Chesterton

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